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Lately in my Journal


I have been in the middle of many projects in the past couple of months, but with Connie Hozvicka’s  Painting the Feminine workshop winding down this week, looks like I will be able to finish some things that I have already started, but put off for awhile.

The painting above is in my 8×5″ Stillman & Birn journal & is a result of trying something new that I learned in Timssally’s Sunday Mornings group. I have never done anyhting like this before & have never really been drawn (pardon the pun!!) to those faces that I see floating around many sites. But, I decided that I need to practice portraits (something I did a LOT of many years ago). This one is a combination of collage (underneath the face) & acrylics. I loved doing this! It was much easier than I thought it would be & it got me back into actually wanting to try my hand at portraits again (oh my goodness, portraits & hands…so intimidating!). Anyway, I like her & will try more of these soon.

These 3 are done in acrylics & are straight from the Painting the Feminine Workshop:


The invitation for the painting above was Healing. I felt really led to using these bright colors & as I was painting I began to see two women hovering over something, almost as if they are nurturing something/someone? That’s the thing I am learning with Connie’s direction in Fearless Painting…just go with what you see & bring it out. It is so therapeutic to paint this way! I really get involved with just the process.image

The painting invitation for this one was Community & I wanted to use the same color pallete as I did with Healing to create a series, but now that I look at them side by side like this, I realize I could have had a heavier hand with the paint! It’s so hard to see the vividness in the 2nd one. Anyway, while I was painting this one, I kept thinking about the group of people that I have in my life (no, not that large of a group as in the painting!!) & the many ways in which we all support each other; they are my community. Also, those spirals appear in my work a lot…I see them representing things that come & go, in & out of my life: good times, bad time, all times.

imageRestahh yes, the ever important rest, that as a mom, is very fleeting! But that is my own fault, as I find myself needing my moments of solitude late into the night. Again, I had no intention of painting a person, yet, I began to see some facial features emerge, so I went with it. I keep going back to this similar color scheme…not sure why, but I find that it is uniting my paintings from this workshop. Last time I took PTF my colors were darker, bolder, & I used many different color palletes (I really have to spell check that word!).  There were many images referencing water & mermaids…not sure why, I haven’t really thought about it too much. It might be time to reflect on the workshops once this week is over. This time around, my work feels a bit more cohesive & grounded, to me at least!

I have also been feeling a shift in my work, an understanding or connection with the paints & the movements of the brush. I think the best thing I can do for myself right now is to keep on painting, everyday. So, if I am a bit quiet here, it’s because I am immersed in my paints!

What have you been working on? I would love to hear about it!