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ICAD Round-up!

imageWell, here we are on day 60 of 61 in Tammy Garcia’s brilliant Index-Card-A-Day Challenge. I had such awesome intentions of posting my cards weekly, but this summer has been a freight train! So much going on trying to keep my 10 1/2 year old occupied during these dog days.

Anyway, better late than never, right? So, above are 9 cards from the early weeks of the challenge. The lighting was not too good in my apartment this morning, but if I wait for the sun to come out, who knows when I will be able to publish this post!

Takeaway #1:  Take Risks!  In the last 2 years of the challenge I played it relatively safe, this year I tried some new things & vowed to post them anyway, even if they didn’t work. A good example is the purplish card on the lower left (stamped with the end of a celery stalk that was on its way out, with acrylics). I made a promise to myself that I would work on 1 card each day & stick with it, no matter what. Gotta tell ya, 60 cards in & I’m pretty pleased!

Thanks, Tammy, for all of the hard work that goes into this challenge! It’s been such a blast! More photos to come this week with my “Takeaways”.




61 Cards in 61 Days

imageHere they are…all 61 of my Index Cards. Challenge completed! And, though it was my 2nd year participating, I think I have learned even more than I did last year. Part of that learning, though, has come from my commitment to creating art everyday since the last ICAD challenge. A million thanks to Tammy for creating this challenge & graciously hosting it!

This year, I took more risks, didn’t obsess over what to create, tried new things, stayed true to myself & to what I wanted to create, & definitely grew in the process. Aside from this challenge, I have had multiple creative projects going on at the same time & I can honestly feel a shift in my work. I cannot quite articulate it just yet, but it’s a feeling  that I have of  (mentally) seeing & feeling something just within my grasp. At this point though, it’s a bit too early to talk about, as I just cannot quite grasp “the thing” yet. When I do, you will see  it here & hear all about it, I promise!

Until then…more creating!


A simple prompt

It all started with today’s prompt for the ICAD challenge which was : Turquoise. You see, ever since I was a kid I have had a major love affair with this stone! So, when I saw this prompt, my mind went reeling with possibilities! Then, I looked down at my right hand & I knew. The ring.


So, I found a little scrap of an index card lying right next to me & did a quick sketch of my ring. And that’s when it all came flooding through my memory bank.

This ring was given to me by my husband almost 20 years ago. It is hand made by a Native American artisan from New Mexico, set in sterling silver that is engraved with very intricate patterns. The stone is a beautiful shade of turquoise with a small area of mint green & a very light matrix going through it. But that’s not what filled my mind as I sketched it. These thoughts did:

This is my everyday ring, my “go-to” ring. It goes with everything & is so very comfortable on my hand. It’s my travel ring. We travel a lot & I don’t like taking a lot of jewelry with me on vacation. This ring is easy & versatile, can look dressed up or dressed down – perfect for any vacation. It has been  all over the U.S., Central America, Europe, Mexico &… China.

And that’s when my heart beat just a little faster. You see, we adopted our daughter from China when she was just 10 months old & I was wearing this ring on that 3 week stay in China. That ring is on my hand & in every photo that I am holding our daughter. It is the ring that my daughter used to touch & spin on my finger as a baby. Today, she is 9 & this is the ring that starts conversations  that go something like this : “Momma, you wore this ring in China, can you tell me again about the day you & Daddy saw me for the first time?” Incredibly special & bittersweet moments that will be treasured far more than any piece of jewelry. The ring is just the conduit.

So, one art challenge, one prompt, one ring, brings to my mind beautiful, sweet & treasured memories. Art is powerful.  Of course, I had to draw that ring.


(ICAD #55, prompt: Turquoise; acrylics, micron pen, Neo color II’S )


I decided that I will mount the little sketch onto the index card & put it in my art journal along with a handwritten copy of this post. As for my ring? It will most definitely be passed down to my daughter.

The Power of an Index Card

Tammy’s Index-Card-A-Day Challenge 2014 is in full swing this summer! And I am having a blast creating a 3×5 Index card each day. I even brought a stack of them & my markers while we were away on vacation last week. I journal on the back of each card & it’s a wonderful way to document our vacation as well as every day! It’s fun to look back on the summer & have a written as well as visual account of my days. FUN!!!!


#37 Zig Writer on bluff index card divider – while on vacation

I did this challenge for the first time last year & loved it. This year, I am loving it even more and I have learned a lot about myself & my own personal creative process. I also noticed that my cards are soooo different this year than last! At first I thought I might “repeat” a design or get stuck in a rut where I copy  something that I did last year, but they are so very different!

It’s funny, working a simple, inexpensive card has taught me to break through the feelings of:

“I don’t wanna ruin this!!!”  “What if I mess this up?” “What am I going to do on this blank card?”

Seriously, I take out a card, take out some materials & just PLAY!! Usually, I just go with the journey of the materials, & they take me places I wouldn’t even explore in my regular journals. Which makes me realize that I still do harbor that “fear of a blank journal page” feeling…I thought I was past that.  Working on an index card has made me more brave when it comes to exploring & taking chances. That is something I promise to carry over into my larger journals when this challenge ends. I mean really…what IS there to be hesitant about?!?


#36 Sharpies & white gelly roll pen – at the airport waiting to board the plane

Sometimes, (& this is a BIGGIE!), I have a plan in mind…but guess what?! Those plans usually never work out! Those are the cards that I don’t like so much & I usually rework them.

Speaking of reworking, that is something I have been doing a lot of lately & more often than not, I am always pleased after reworking something. Here is one example:


#43 Mixed Media – reworked

This one started with a pattern using an orange Slicci pen. It looked so dull & boring, so I took out my gesso, covered it up, added some paint & oil pastels & just kept working it which was the most fun part! Seeing where the materials take me – that’s the jam!

So, yes, Tammy, ICAD has indeed rocked my creative world! Thank you for sharing so generously with us & helping us to light our creative sparks!!


Summer of Color4 Week 4

imageOh boy…things became so ridiculously BUSY!! Pair that with getting ready for an upcoming vacation AND a sick child & BAM…no time!!

Anyway…I chose to use this week’s color scheme {pink, apple green & a bit of dark green} on an index card & kill 2 birds with one stone since my time was extremely limited this week.  I really liked working with these colors as they (to me) scream (in a good way) SUMMER!! And we are in the THICK of it here in NYC!

Hopefully, will get to update this blog once more before we leave!

In the meantime, please check out Kristen’s site, Twinkle Twinkle Like a Star, for all the juicy details on her annual colorful challenge!

AND…if you are not already in on this brilliant challenge, please check out Tammy’s Index Card a Day Challenge here!

Have a beautiful, colorful week, everyone!


ICAD -Guest Post

image I am honored to be one of Tammy’s Guest Artists for her brilliant Index-Card-A-Day2014 challenge! This is my second year participating in the challenge & I love it even more this year! I am finding even more freedom with simply playing with a small, “un”-precious, unassuming little ol’ index card!

My card for today (#23) above, is something I tried a little bit last year, but am exploring even further this year: monochromatic collages. I love trying to find various shapes, textures & ranges of colors, whether they are from magazines or my own painted papers & arranging them in a way that is visually interesting. It’s fun to try to create some depth to them as well. This card is made up of found images & text as well as some paper I previously sprayed with Dylusions inks.

This  year, I have decided to do one of these collages for every color in the rainbow…so far I have done blue, red & green. Be on the lookout for the remaining 4 plus a bonus one (or two)! They are so much fun to create! Thanks for stopping by & thank you, Tammy, for inviting me to guest post! For all the juicy details on Tammy’s (Daisy Yellow) challenge, go here!

ICAD – Week 2 (a little late!)

Week 2 of my Index Cards, without further ado! (This is late enough!). Just have to say one thing: I am AMAZED at how different my cards are from last year!! Wow! OK…that’s it…here ya go:

imageICAD #8  A previously stamped card (handmade stamp that I made), cut up then pasted onto another card painted with acrylics.

imageICAD #9 The other half of that stamped card from above cut up into rectangles, added to black painted card, white pen accents


ICAD #10 Watercolor on tabbed Index file card, then stamped & white pen accents. I struggled with making a card on this day, not sure why, maybe rushing? Then when it was done I couldn’t find text that would pull it altogether…then I did! 🙂

imageICAD #11 Acrylics & stamped text. I wasn’t sure about this one either…I just slapped some paint down on the card & the more Iooked at it, the more it reminded me of a view from a plane.

imageICAD #12  Acrylics & Neo Color II’s; I have been wanting to paint a door for the longest time, so I got out my all time favorite color (Cobalt teal) & just did it! I like this one…reminds me of Santa Fe (one of my all time fave places on the planet!).


ICAD #13 One of the prompts that Tammy gave for the week was “Magenta”…well, you know I just had to do that prompt! 😉 Acrylics, stamps, magenta colored pen.

imageICAD #14  I have decided over the course of this challenge to do some monochromatic torn paper collages. I already did blue last week…this week was red’s turn. These are fun to do, very challenging but I think a great practice in “seeing” how everything goes together. Found images, Dylusions ink spray background, found text, pastel (black lines).

And there, my friends, is week 2! You can find out more about Tammy’s Index-Card-A-Day challenge right here! And if you are not doing it yet, come on over & give it a try!! So much summer fun!



ICAD Update – Week 1

The Index-Card-A-Day challenge created & hosted by Tammy at Daisy Yellow started last week & is in full swing! The following are my first set of cards for week one (see previous post for my first card if you haven’t already seen it).


Card 2 Neo Color II’s, Craypas & neon Gelly roll marker, index card 3″x5″

Card #2: I ususally don’t do the prompts that Tammy so generously offers, but in this card I took some liberties with the “Circus Tent” prompt. I don’t like the circus & just didn’t “feel” creating a big circus tent which many people did. So, I took some artistic liberties & created a regular tent, complete with scary creature inside!


 Card 3 Torn paper collage using found images from a magazine, acrylic paint

Card 3: I had fun with this one. I really like finding interesting patterns, colors & shapes from magazines, tearing or cutting them up & creating collages that have some depth to them. I started doing this during last year’s challenge & it took me such a long time to do one! This time around, they are taking less & less time. I like the result!


 Card 4 Torn paper collage with handmade gelli prints, found images & text.


 Card 5 Tried my hand at drawing mandalas in the park one afternoon while my daughter played with friends…still need more practice! I used a sparkly gold gelly roll & love the way it sparkles in the sun!



Card 6 Gelly Roll markers, Pitt Pens, Sharpies & Neo Color II’s

Card 6 I was originally inspired by an Indian style bracelet that I saw in a magazine (bottom right corner)…then I just kept going with that design & it turned into something else entirely! Octopus? Dragon? Who knows! But it was fun to draw!

imageCard 7 Acrylic paint 

Card 7  I slapped some paint onto this card using an old credit card & “saw” a mountain, so I just took it from there! This was fun to do!

So…my first week of ICAD 2014…& on we go! I love this challenge so much! It is really amazing what one can come up with each day! The possibilities are endless!

How is your creative practice going? Any ICAD takers out there? I know there are! 🙂


If it’s June 1st, it’s ICAD season!

Tammy Garcia at Daisy Yellow has officially kicked off her Index Card a Day Challenge (aka ICAD) for the 4th year in a row. Basically, for the next 61 days, the challenge is to create SOMETHING on an index card (3×5 or 4×6). I cannot tell you how magical this challenge has been for me! This is my 2nd year participating & I look forward to not only creating, but looking at what everyone else creates in the dedicated FB  & FlickR groups. Please visit her gorgeous & incredibly informative site to learn more about it!

Here is my first card for this year’s challenge:


(black tempera paint, neon Gelly roll markers, silver Uniball Signo pen on a 3×5 manila Index tabbed card)

Tammy so generously creates optional prompts & themes throughout June & July.  Generally I don’t use the prompts & themes, I prefer to let my mind wander & think up something on my own. But when I saw the list of prompts, number 1, PRISM, jumped out at me & I immediately thought of Pink Floyd. So much fun to make! Cannot wait to make my next one!

My 9 year old daughter also got in on the ICAD action & made the following card:

image(3×5 Index card, gelly roll markers, Gold Uniball Signo pen)

She told me she really wants to participate again this year (she made a handful of cards last year), but, well, you can read her exact words:

“Momma, I am so busy right now, I will only do art on the weekends, but when school ends I might even do 2 a day!”

LOL! We’ll see! No pressure on her, however she wants to do it! 🙂

So…if you want to find out more about the challenge, go here! I HIGHLY recommend it!