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Part 2: 7 Day Creativity Challenge

As promised, Part 2 of the 7 Day Creativity Challenge…

Day 5: Share the process:


(A glimpse of my 10 finished cards. You may recognize the first one from the header on my blog)

I have been furiously working to complete my 10 postcards for iHanna’s DIY postcard swap. I really enjoy working on these as I never know what direction they will take me.  Sometimes I have an idea in my head, but once the paint goes down on paper…poof! The original idea is gone & the paint on the page leads me down a brand new path.

That’s what happened with these cards pictured above. Once I got going, the materials spoke to me & I listened. There are 3 different styles of cards…each have their own personality, but each holds a positive message…that is something I always include on my cards, regardless of where the visual aspect of the materials take me. The thought of brightening up someone’s day with a postive post card, well, that brightens my day!

Day 6:  Creative Adventure

Last week, my daughter was still on Easter/Passover break, so we decided to take a quick trip (how lucky we are that it is literally a 15 minute subway ride away!) to see the Faberge Egg-xhibit at Rockefeller Center…(ok, so she had an ulterior motive to also visit the Americ*n Girl Store on 5th Ave. just across the street).

The eggs were fabulous!! All 250-something eggs were displayed in & around the Plaza. It was so hard to choose a favorite as they were all so creative & inspiring!


 imageI call this one, the “art journaling” egg…love all that text on the bottom!

imageOne of my favorites as the colors were simply outstanding!

image I think this one was my all time favorite: an egg made out of various, authentic street signs of NYC. LOVE this one!!

We had a great day & seeing all of the artwork on these eggs inspired both me & my daughter to hurry back home & make some art together!

Day 7:  Express the Love

Day 7’s challenge was to express the love for why we do what we do…& I have to say, I absolutely LOVE creating/art making…why? It lets me be me…it allows me to express my feelings, my likes & loves in ways that I may not always have words.  I love noticing things around me, small things, little things that may create a spark & give life to an idea that I can express via art. It helps me to be in the moment & enjoy & appreciate the beauty in all things big & small.

This was a great challenge & I am so glad I found it! Big thanks to for hosting it!



7 Day Creativity Challenge – Part 1

As I mentioned in this post, I found the 7 Day Creativity Challenge & jumped right in.  I like these little challenges as they help me to keep myself on the art track. I have a lot of bigger projects on my list, but there are some days when one quick little challenge is all I need for the day (especially when time is of the essence, as it has been a bit crazy here the last 2 weeks or so).

Here are my first 4 days of the challenge:

Day 1:  Visually document your word

(you can read more about this particular journal spread here)

Altered book, acrylics, oil pastel

 Day 2: Creative Dream List

I know this will evolve as time goes on, but so far, these are the creative projects/thoughts on my “Creative Dream List”. I have completed some of them already, many will be continuous works in progress. It is definitely enough to keep me busy, but I still manage to get distracted by all kinds of new ideas! Not such a bad thing to get distracted by though, right?

Dream list

Day 3:  Recharge My Creative Space

I live in an apartment in the heart of Manhattan, space is tight! While it is a very nice size for our family, there really is no room for studio type space. My work space is my dining room table & more often than not things spill over (literally!) to the floor, the surrounding chairs, the window sill. I tend to save every interesting “scrap” which makes for too much “spilling over”. So, this was a welcomed challenge. On the left is the “before”,  my covered table…on the right, my “after”, a neatened up stacked pile. I got rid of MANY of those interesting scraps! 🙂 I did have a more drastic “before” pic, but accidentally deleted it from my phone. Tust me, I still have a way to go!!

image image

 Day 4: Beginnings

Here are the beginnings of my post cards for iHanna’s DIY postcard swap.  This is my 2nd time participating in the swap & like the first time, I have no plan re: my cards. I never know where they will end up & that is what I adore about this process. As you can see from these 2 photos, I clearly have 2 disctinct groups of cards in their beginning stages. We’ll see how they turn out!


And there is part 1 of this very fun, very do-able creative challenge! Will post part 2 shortly!

Now…back to those post cards!