Monthly Archives: March 2015

Springing into a new plan

Not sure if it’s really a “new” plan, but it’s been on my mind for quite some time & with the start of a new season, a season of light & hope, I thought it was time to start putting my plan into action.

So, “What’s the plan?”you ask? Pretty simple: just paint…same time, everyday. That’s it! Just me, the paints, my brushes, some water soluble pastels here & there…! The key? The same time, everyday. Sort of like the visual version of  the morning pages (a la Julia Cameron of “The Artist’s Way”).

And so, I gave myself a challenge to do 1 intuitive painting a day (preferably in the morning as that is when I am “in the zone”) for an entire month. I want to see if there are themes, patterns…or not. I just want to see what happens.

So far, I am on Day 13 & it has been so freeing! No plan, just pure process! Sometimes I do get inspired/influenced by my surroundings. For example, I found a very cool little you tube video, filmed in Hawaii, speaking about the vernal Equinox, the super moon & the eclipse , & while I watched & painted, this happened:


But I find more often than not, it’s about getting out those feelings that seem to bog me down:


And sometimes, I just play & experiment:


Whatever the outcome, as always, it’s the process that is most important. And my head is always clearer as a result.


On Creative Planning

I continue to experiment with {slightly} different formats in my creative planner/journal. I began March in the usual  layout & was quite pleased with the results. I have also decided to go back to creating weekly cards which incorporate a word of the week (this one from Teresa’s Right Brain Planning pages). These cards are like touchstones for me & help me to set my intentions & the tone for the upcoming  week.  They also contain colors & scraps from art that I have created during that week as well as any images & words I find that “speak to me” in some way. You can see the card taped on the top of the page.


This week’s format, below, is slightly different. Rather than having the days listed vertically on the side, I was inspired by something  I saw on Teresa’s pages. Since I am in the middle of participating in a Mandala workshop, I am very drawn to circles, so I decided to use the circle as my focal point that includes my days for this week. This page started with a gelli print as well & as the week goes on I will be adding more journaling,  ephemera, doodles & images. I ‘m thinking the entire spread is a bit dark in color, but oh well, we’ll see how it all works out by week’ s end.


Here’s a close-up of the cards (created on old playing cards):


Next week, I’m thinking of changing up the look of my planning pages altogether (I get bored fast! lol!), we’ll see…stay tuned.

How do you plan? What methods & materials do you use? I would love to know!