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Catching up before it’s November!

There is so much going on in my little corner of NYC that it is hard to keep my head above water these days! However, I continue to manage to create some kind of art each day. I admit, it has not been anything big right now, but even just 10 minutes a day has a way of soothing my soul, calming my nerves & centering me right back to where I should be!

I started October off with participating inthe INKTOBER challenge. A very simple challenge: one ink drawing a day for 31 days, that’s it! I personally challenged myself to brush up on my observational drawing skills. Here are a few of what I have done in my mini Moleskine (3.5″ x5″)






 My daughter challenged me to draw the view from her room in less than 10 minutes! (she’s tough!!)


Just a small sampling of what I have been up to lately!

Please keep posted as I will have an exciting little announcement later in the week!


Mandala Love: Daisy Yellow’s AJT&T No. 9

imageLast  week I treated myself to a quick trip to the art store & bought myself  a bottle of Dr. Ph Martin’s Bombay India Ink in Turquoise (among other things, ha). I had no immediate plan to use it, but when I saw Tammy Garcia’s latest  Art Journal Tangents & Tactics video (no. 9 in the series), I knew I had to give it a try!

I drew a quick, sketchy, flower-y mandala using my Stabilo water soluble pencil.  I added 2 drops of the ink (oh my goodness, that color is even more delicious & rich in person!) which is super saturated. I spritzed the mandala with water, let the ink “burst” onto the page, grabbed my paintbrush &  let it dance over the page.

I love the way the ink & pencil combined into different shades & the way in which the gradations of color appears like clouds. I cannot wait to play more using this technique as I think the possibilities could be endless! Think I ‘ll be on my way back to the art store soon to pick up a few more colors of that luscious ink!

If you haven’t done so already, go here & give it a try!




What?!? It’s October 3rd???

I know, I know, I have been completely negligent about updating this blog! The summer flew by in a blur,  the way in which summers often do, then we slammed right into a new school year for my daughter. This  happens to be a BIG year for her as we start applying for middle school. In between all the *fun* stuff like school meetings,homework, afterschool, and life in general, I really have been making art! I just don’t have the photos yet.

SOON!! Very soon, I will have some photos of what I have been up to! Promise!

In the meantime, just wanted to say “Hi & I really am back!”

Hope you are all doing well out there too!