The Power of an Index Card

Tammy’s Index-Card-A-Day Challenge 2014 is in full swing this summer! And I am having a blast creating a 3×5 Index card each day. I even brought a stack of them & my markers while we were away on vacation last week. I journal on the back of each card & it’s a wonderful way to document our vacation as well as every day! It’s fun to look back on the summer & have a written as well as visual account of my days. FUN!!!!


#37 Zig Writer on bluff index card divider – while on vacation

I did this challenge for the first time last year & loved it. This year, I am loving it even more and I have learned a lot about myself & my own personal creative process. I also noticed that my cards are soooo different this year than last! At first I thought I might “repeat” a design or get stuck in a rut where I copy  something that I did last year, but they are so very different!

It’s funny, working a simple, inexpensive card has taught me to break through the feelings of:

“I don’t wanna ruin this!!!”  “What if I mess this up?” “What am I going to do on this blank card?”

Seriously, I take out a card, take out some materials & just PLAY!! Usually, I just go with the journey of the materials, & they take me places I wouldn’t even explore in my regular journals. Which makes me realize that I still do harbor that “fear of a blank journal page” feeling…I thought I was past that.  Working on an index card has made me more brave when it comes to exploring & taking chances. That is something I promise to carry over into my larger journals when this challenge ends. I mean really…what IS there to be hesitant about?!?


#36 Sharpies & white gelly roll pen – at the airport waiting to board the plane

Sometimes, (& this is a BIGGIE!), I have a plan in mind…but guess what?! Those plans usually never work out! Those are the cards that I don’t like so much & I usually rework them.

Speaking of reworking, that is something I have been doing a lot of lately & more often than not, I am always pleased after reworking something. Here is one example:


#43 Mixed Media – reworked

This one started with a pattern using an orange Slicci pen. It looked so dull & boring, so I took out my gesso, covered it up, added some paint & oil pastels & just kept working it which was the most fun part! Seeing where the materials take me – that’s the jam!

So, yes, Tammy, ICAD has indeed rocked my creative world! Thank you for sharing so generously with us & helping us to light our creative sparks!!



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