Summer of Color4 Week 4

imageOh boy…things became so ridiculously BUSY!! Pair that with getting ready for an upcoming vacation AND a sick child & BAM…no time!!

Anyway…I chose to use this week’s color scheme {pink, apple green & a bit of dark green} on an index card & kill 2 birds with one stone since my time was extremely limited this week.  I really liked working with these colors as they (to me) scream (in a good way) SUMMER!! And we are in the THICK of it here in NYC!

Hopefully, will get to update this blog once more before we leave!

In the meantime, please check out Kristen’s site, Twinkle Twinkle Like a Star, for all the juicy details on her annual colorful challenge!

AND…if you are not already in on this brilliant challenge, please check out Tammy’s Index Card a Day Challenge here!

Have a beautiful, colorful week, everyone!



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