Summer of Color4 – Week 3

Here are my creations for Week  3 of Summer of Color. This week’s palette was lavender, gray & a splash/pop of plum. I learned something about myself this week. I really like to just play with the colors before I go on to my final piece. This way, I can get a good feeling of the colors, how they play off of each other & what they remind me of.


In this first piece in my art journal, I simply started laying down the colors…no plan in mind whatsoever.  I found myself making circles. Then I pulled out one of my stencils & stenciled over some of the circles. It started to remind me of an aerial view of pomegranates on plates. I added some washi tape for the fun of it & that reminded me of a tablecloth. So now, when I look at this, I think “Pomegranate Pic Nic”.


In the second piece above, I decided to make a simple landscape, wondering what kind of mood it would evoke since it’s mostly in the purple-ish tones. When I look at it, I get the feeling of a summer evening. That got me thinking about how fast the summer goes (even though it just started here!), which led me to the found text, “Life is About Moments”. Absolutely, so let’s enjoy every one of them!

I had lots of fun with this color palette & may continue to explore it during the week. If I do, I will certainly update here!

Happy Summer of Color, everyone! To get the colorful details on this fun, summer challenge, go to Kristen’s site, right here!


11 thoughts on “Summer of Color4 – Week 3

  1. Lovely colour combos. I like it to. I like your ‘pomegranate picnic’ hehe, i totally see it 🙂
    And the landscape one is beautiful and also reminds me of a Summers evening 😀

  2. Wow I really like both of these! Great job using this week’s colours. I especially like the “pomegranate picnic” because I love abstracts, circles and I think this is a really great title for this one. thanks for sharing how you came up with the title – I like the way your mind works! 🙂

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