ICAD -Guest Post

image I am honored to be one of Tammy’s Guest Artists for her brilliant Index-Card-A-Day2014 challenge! This is my second year participating in the challenge & I love it even more this year! I am finding even more freedom with simply playing with a small, “un”-precious, unassuming little ol’ index card!

My card for today (#23) above, is something I tried a little bit last year, but am exploring even further this year: monochromatic collages. I love trying to find various shapes, textures & ranges of colors, whether they are from magazines or my own painted papers & arranging them in a way that is visually interesting. It’s fun to try to create some depth to them as well. This card is made up of found images & text as well as some paper I previously sprayed with Dylusions inks.

This  year, I have decided to do one of these collages for every color in the rainbow…so far I have done blue, red & green. Be on the lookout for the remaining 4 plus a bonus one (or two)! They are so much fun to create! Thanks for stopping by & thank you, Tammy, for inviting me to guest post! For all the juicy details on Tammy’s (Daisy Yellow) challenge, go here!


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