ICAD – Week 2 (a little late!)

Week 2 of my Index Cards, without further ado! (This is late enough!). Just have to say one thing: I am AMAZED at how different my cards are from last year!! Wow! OK…that’s it…here ya go:

imageICAD #8  A previously stamped card (handmade stamp that I made), cut up then pasted onto another card painted with acrylics.

imageICAD #9 The other half of that stamped card from above cut up into rectangles, added to black painted card, white pen accents


ICAD #10 Watercolor on tabbed Index file card, then stamped & white pen accents. I struggled with making a card on this day, not sure why, maybe rushing? Then when it was done I couldn’t find text that would pull it altogether…then I did! 🙂

imageICAD #11 Acrylics & stamped text. I wasn’t sure about this one either…I just slapped some paint down on the card & the more Iooked at it, the more it reminded me of a view from a plane.

imageICAD #12  Acrylics & Neo Color II’s; I have been wanting to paint a door for the longest time, so I got out my all time favorite color (Cobalt teal) & just did it! I like this one…reminds me of Santa Fe (one of my all time fave places on the planet!).


ICAD #13 One of the prompts that Tammy gave for the week was “Magenta”…well, you know I just had to do that prompt! 😉 Acrylics, stamps, magenta colored pen.

imageICAD #14  I have decided over the course of this challenge to do some monochromatic torn paper collages. I already did blue last week…this week was red’s turn. These are fun to do, very challenging but I think a great practice in “seeing” how everything goes together. Found images, Dylusions ink spray background, found text, pastel (black lines).

And there, my friends, is week 2! You can find out more about Tammy’s Index-Card-A-Day challenge right here! And if you are not doing it yet, come on over & give it a try!! So much summer fun!




3 thoughts on “ICAD – Week 2 (a little late!)

  1. These are all gorgeous! I know I saw some on the FB page but it’s hard to keep up with all the posts so I appreciate seeing them all in one place. I really love your bold approach to colour!

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