ICAD Update – Week 1

The Index-Card-A-Day challenge created & hosted by Tammy at Daisy Yellow started last week & is in full swing! The following are my first set of cards for week one (see previous post for my first card if you haven’t already seen it).


Card 2 Neo Color II’s, Craypas & neon Gelly roll marker, index card 3″x5″

Card #2: I ususally don’t do the prompts that Tammy so generously offers, but in this card I took some liberties with the “Circus Tent” prompt. I don’t like the circus & just didn’t “feel” creating a big circus tent which many people did. So, I took some artistic liberties & created a regular tent, complete with scary creature inside!


 Card 3 Torn paper collage using found images from a magazine, acrylic paint

Card 3: I had fun with this one. I really like finding interesting patterns, colors & shapes from magazines, tearing or cutting them up & creating collages that have some depth to them. I started doing this during last year’s challenge & it took me such a long time to do one! This time around, they are taking less & less time. I like the result!


 Card 4 Torn paper collage with handmade gelli prints, found images & text.


 Card 5 Tried my hand at drawing mandalas in the park one afternoon while my daughter played with friends…still need more practice! I used a sparkly gold gelly roll & love the way it sparkles in the sun!



Card 6 Gelly Roll markers, Pitt Pens, Sharpies & Neo Color II’s

Card 6 I was originally inspired by an Indian style bracelet that I saw in a magazine (bottom right corner)…then I just kept going with that design & it turned into something else entirely! Octopus? Dragon? Who knows! But it was fun to draw!

imageCard 7 Acrylic paint 

Card 7  I slapped some paint onto this card using an old credit card & “saw” a mountain, so I just took it from there! This was fun to do!

So…my first week of ICAD 2014…& on we go! I love this challenge so much! It is really amazing what one can come up with each day! The possibilities are endless!

How is your creative practice going? Any ICAD takers out there? I know there are! 🙂



I would love to hear your thoughts! Thank you!

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