Lately…In My Journal

Lots of creative happenings around here lately, which is why I haven’t had a post in over a week! I have to get on a schedule for this blog…as I often “wander” around, get distracted by all things life & art & then I realize it’s a few weeks since I last posted! That’s what did me in on my previous blog life. So, I am trying to hold myself more accountable.  I need a schedule! Maybe it’s time to put my {Documented Life}Planner to some practical use! 😉


(Acrylic paint in my 9×12 Fabriano journal)

Last January I enrolled in Connie Hozvicka’s Painting the Feminine workshop & I absolutely loved it!! It was just what I needed to paint more intuitively.  Having been traditionally trained in art school, “they” never teach how to be more expressive in your painting…it’s all about studying “the masters”, so this workshop has really helped me.

Anyway, Connie has a Spring session going on now & about 2 weeks ago, prior to the start of it, she held a free “Painting the Feminine” Spreecast so I joined in! The above painting is what came out of it after about an hour.  I have since enrolled in the Spring session (more on that in a future post).  I noticed myself painting much more freely than previously & was very happy with the results.  I definitely feel a shift happening in my paintings which I know is coming from me doing the work! Yes, it’s really true, it must be a daily practice for me to see change & slowly but surely I feel it & see it.


(Acrylics & a little bit of washi tape & a found number; in my altered book)

Above is a smaller painting that I did  in my altered book art journal.  That’s where I experiment & play. I recently got some new paints, colors that I did not have & just had to try them out! I went into my journal with no plan whatsoever, I swiped down my cadmium red & then the cobalt blue. Normally I wouldn’t use these 2 colors together for fear of them blending into mud (very warm red, bordering on orange, mixed with the cobalt= not pretty). But, I was just playing, so I didn’t really care (ahh, such freedom in playing!). After swiping the colors on, I began to “see” a window, with a flower box. Something about the colors also reminded me of my beloved American Southwest. So, I kept at it, adding a few additional colors here & there. When I was done, I thought about the journey of color, which is why I wrote in gold: “Let the colors take you there”… Because in this case, they truly did!

I would love to hear what you’ve been working on!


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