Part 2: 7 Day Creativity Challenge

As promised, Part 2 of the 7 Day Creativity Challenge…

Day 5: Share the process:


(A glimpse of my 10 finished cards. You may recognize the first one from the header on my blog)

I have been furiously working to complete my 10 postcards for iHanna’s DIY postcard swap. I really enjoy working on these as I never know what direction they will take me.  Sometimes I have an idea in my head, but once the paint goes down on paper…poof! The original idea is gone & the paint on the page leads me down a brand new path.

That’s what happened with these cards pictured above. Once I got going, the materials spoke to me & I listened. There are 3 different styles of cards…each have their own personality, but each holds a positive message…that is something I always include on my cards, regardless of where the visual aspect of the materials take me. The thought of brightening up someone’s day with a postive post card, well, that brightens my day!

Day 6:  Creative Adventure

Last week, my daughter was still on Easter/Passover break, so we decided to take a quick trip (how lucky we are that it is literally a 15 minute subway ride away!) to see the Faberge Egg-xhibit at Rockefeller Center…(ok, so she had an ulterior motive to also visit the Americ*n Girl Store on 5th Ave. just across the street).

The eggs were fabulous!! All 250-something eggs were displayed in & around the Plaza. It was so hard to choose a favorite as they were all so creative & inspiring!


 imageI call this one, the “art journaling” egg…love all that text on the bottom!

imageOne of my favorites as the colors were simply outstanding!

image I think this one was my all time favorite: an egg made out of various, authentic street signs of NYC. LOVE this one!!

We had a great day & seeing all of the artwork on these eggs inspired both me & my daughter to hurry back home & make some art together!

Day 7:  Express the Love

Day 7’s challenge was to express the love for why we do what we do…& I have to say, I absolutely LOVE creating/art making…why? It lets me be me…it allows me to express my feelings, my likes & loves in ways that I may not always have words.  I love noticing things around me, small things, little things that may create a spark & give life to an idea that I can express via art. It helps me to be in the moment & enjoy & appreciate the beauty in all things big & small.

This was a great challenge & I am so glad I found it! Big thanks to for hosting it!



5 thoughts on “Part 2: 7 Day Creativity Challenge

  1. Glad you’re having fun making the postcards Patricia, thanks for the peek. And the egg exhibition – wow! I love to see something like that too.

  2. I’m so glad that my card made it to you safe and sound. I’m loving browsing through your blog! And loving the cards you made – such gorgeous colours.

  3. Hi Patricia, I just got your lovely postcard for the swap today!
    I love the bubblewrap circle and the gorgeous blue background..and thanks for the inspiring quote. And the cute little collaged flowers!
    No need apologize for the smudges because of the gelliprinting…I understand completely since I made my cards with gelliprinting and I apologized for the same reason to my swapmates!!

    Thanks again

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