Magenta Matters Makeover

Altered book, acrylics, gouache & washi tape
Altered book, acrylics, gouache & washi tape

Re-do, makeover, fresh start…whatever you want to call it, it’s a new day for Magenta Matters! I switched platforms (from bl0gger to WordPress) as I could no longer upload photos using the old platform.  And with a blog that relies heavily on photos, I just couldn’t continue on Bl0gger. So, here we are! I am excited to get into a more regular schedule of posting here as well.  I have various art journals going at once now, with different purposes for each & am looking forward to sharing some of those.Altered book, acrylics, oil pastelThis post is just a little hint of what’s been happening at my art table.  The first photo is of a journal page in my altered book that I am using to experiment with different materials & techniques. The colors here are not quite true to the actual page – much more vivid & orange in person. I was working completely intuitively on this one (something I want to do more of) & just let the materials lead me. I was very pleased on how it turned out.

The blue page illustrates my word for this year, Intentional.   Although I selected this word at the end of last year, I recently found the 7 Day Creative Challenge while rooting around the art journaling world & decided to do it (if a challenge involves art, I am so there!). This was the first challenge – to document your word in some way.  I made a promise to myself at the beginning of the year to be more intentional/purposeful in all that I say & do. So far, it’s been working out well, still have to be very conscious about it in some areas though…trying to make it a habit…easier said than done! This page was done in my altered book with acrylics, oil pastel &  my all time favorite white pen (Signo Uni-ball; must buy in bulk!!)

I know I have lots to catch up on here, but for the first post on this new platform I wanted to be a bit brief & just get this out there already!

Please use the “follow” button so that you can follow me (again)…I really appreciate your reading & commenting! Thanks for switching with me!


8 thoughts on “Magenta Matters Makeover

  1. I loved the creativity challenge. I just finished it. Very doable. I laughed because you said the page was more orange in real life and it looked really blue. I thought wow…colours are way off….Then I realised it was the first photo!!!! 🙂

    Yay for a new blog. Yay for the first comment!

    I am all about blogging routines and scheduling posts at the moment. 🙂

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